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Ms. Dorothy Cook is a MLM Mogul, Mentor, Woman of Faith and Inspiration, theses highly esteemed words are the core of Ms. Dorothy Cook. Her intelligence, tenacity and determination has carried her throughout her journey of life. It represents the level of achievement and success that you see active today.

Ms. Cook is a loyal member and tither for more than 20 years of Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston Texas. The WVUMC has afforded her an opportunity to become passionate about helping those in need. She participates in the KBC Project for Kenya which builds orphanages, provides clothing and shoes for children.

As a Multi-level Marketing Business Mogul, she helped create over 21 Millionaires in the industry of reshaping and health and wellness. When she joined the company the owners wanted to make $30,000 a month (they were then currently making $3,000 per month) With her business strategy and skillful training, she organized a team that made an unbelievable financial impact. The company increased to over $1.3 million per month within six months. With her success she landed a reality show “Amateur Millionaires Club” that was featured on Black Entertainment Television (BET).

Ms. Dorothy Cook
is known as the God-Mother of Network Marketing and the “Millionaire Maker.”  Ms. Cook successes have been well documented.  She was very successful with Ardyss International which is a multi-level marketing company based out of Mexico.  Ardyss International was previously the leader in reshaping garments for women and men.  The moment Ms. Cook joined Ardyss International she set the bar high which began with starting their marketing campaign.  Ms. Cook persuaded the Ardyss owners to bring the business to the US  Soon thereafter she was instrumental in providing the distributors with English literature, later built a power house team and together they changed the garment industry forever.  

Ms. Dorothy Cook
developed over 550,000 people in her down-line, all working toward one goal and that was for everyone in her down-line to have financial freedom for those willing to put in the work.  This amazing work of Ms. Dorothy Cook was created “WITHOUT” any use of social media.  Still today she is well respected and known for being a “Power House”in the world of Network Marketing.



Phyllis Carter, a very humble lady transformed to the owner of the fastest growing Body Reshaping Company and Manufacturing Company in the United States, achieving 2 million    in revenue within the first year. Phyllis is the personification of the American Dream and is no stranger to hard work. Phyllis’s entrepreneurship was evident at a young age, not being afraid of any challenge she successfully negotiated pricing on behalf of her parent’s farm with local grocery retailers that have grown into what we know as HEB and Walmart. She didn’t let age or gender stop her from competing with more experienced and older counterparts.  

Phyllis went on to become a manager with Command Performance for 2 years achieving the role of district manager as the youngest person in the company’s history at that time. In that role she would be responsible for achieving top sales in the minority communities. Within 8 months of her new role Phyllis achieved a new company record with over 2 million in sales.

The entrepreneurial zest, hard work, and determination Phyllis would go on to found and open Greater Metropolitan Inc. in 1996 which operated as a Physical Medicine Clinic in Houston. Phyllis Carter leadership and guidance GREATER METROPOLITAN INC. grew to 4 clinics within 2 years with over 4,000+ in patients’ roster, while managing over 120 full-time employees that included Physicians, Nurses, Chiropractors, medical assistants and office personnel. Due to changes in the industry and the desire to seek new challenges, Phyllis closed GREATER METROPOLITAN INC. in 2008.

The wealth of knowledge and experience Phyllis began consulting with several small businesses, using her hands-on proven business system and talent to help them overcome obstacles and grow year after year.  It was during this time that she was introduced to a Reshaping Company which would be the catalyst for her greatest achievement yet.  Phyllis achieved a personal revenue of 10k+ a month becoming a master fitter, while winning the respect and admiration of Dr. Dorothy Cook “The Millionaire Maker.” 

Ms. Carter encountered thousands of women and heard their feedback and complaints of the products. Phyllis shared the feedback with the company to no avail. She began creating the prototype now known as “THE GODDESS”








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